Clinical Development

Our mission is to assure that we provide all patients with the highest quality physical and hand therapy in order to achieve the best possible clinical outcome, and to assure that care is delivered in the most appropriate and cost-effective manner.

Quality patient care is one of the key tenets of our mission as a company.  PRN values the clinical development and continuing education of our therapist partners.  We are proud to launch our first Orthopaedic Manual Therapy University (OMTU) class starting this spring of 2013.  The Orthopaedic Manual Therapy University (OMTU) program is an outgrowth of PRN’s commitment to clinical excellence.

PRN utilizes the Institute of Manipulative Physiotherapy and Clinical Training (IMPACT) as the clinical pathway for the OMTU program.  IMPACT is a private organization dedicated to the advancement of orthopaedic manual physical therapy in the United States. The OMTU program through IMPACT utilizes a curriculum approved by the American Physical Therapy Association and is taught by industry leaders in orthopaedic manual physical therapy.

PRN selects a “class” of manual therapy candidates per region for the OMTU program.  The “class” structure creates a positive learning environment whereby candidates learn side-by-side with their peers during coursework, study groups, lab sessions, and program meetings. The Manual Certification Program is rigorous and takes place over the course of approximately 1.5 - 2 years. Class size is limited to approximately 20 participants per region.  There are continuing education units attached to each module ranging from 21-23 CEUs. At the conclusion of all the course work, the clinician will have approximately 192 hours of course work (didactic + lab). At the completion of the coursework and exams, clinicians will have the designation of CMPT (Certified Manual Physical Therapist) through IMPACT.