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On the last Wednesday in September, women across the country recognize and take part in National Women’s Health & Fitness Day. This day is reserved for women of all ages to gather at local health and fitness events, from senior centers to parks and health clubs, to encourage each other to begin and continue their journeys to active and healthy lifestyles.


With that in mind, we reached out to some of our incredible female physical therapists across PRN’s family of brands to learn more about why they think it is important for women to stay active in order to achieve healthy lifestyles.


Why is there a need for a health and fitness day directed specifically toward women?


It is important for women to keep a healthy lifestyle because it helps keep us healthier and helps us to live longer. As women, we do a lot, and to keep our energy up in order to perform our daily routines and meet our busy schedules, staying healthy and fit is key. Heart disease is also the leading cause of death in women. The best way to keep that number lower is by keeping up a healthy lifestyle. ~ Jennifer Greene, PT, DPT, CFMT, Clinic Director at California Rehabilitation and Sports Therapy - Corona

A dedicated day brings focused attention and appreciation for women involved in fitness and health. It also helps to educate women who are not currently involved in active lifestyles and provides them with resources to aid in their new beginnings! ~ Emma Hart, PT, DPT, from Pro Active Physical Therapy

There is a need for a health and fitness day directed specifically towards= women because this is the perfect opportunity to provide women with ample resources and educate them on the importance of physical activity, overall wellness and how to implement it into their daily lives. ~ Hope Peterson, PT tech from Pro Active Physical Therapy


Why is it important for women to stay active?


It is important for all people to continue to be active! Women go through many life changes from adolescence into adulthood and keeping our bodies mobile is important for overall health and wellbeing. ~ Emma


It is our job to take exquisite care of our body, mind and soul. This includes fueling our body with foods that nourish and empower us, as well as moving our bodies in ways that feel good. Regular exercise is so important in treating and maintaining optimal mental health. The human body was designed to move and works best when regularly active.  Exercise can help to improve the cardiovascular system, fight inflammation, decrease stress levels, improve mood, treat mental health, enhance weight loss, and to help provide you with more energy and clarity. ~ Hope


In your opinion, what are some of the best ways for women to stay healthy and active? 


Some of the best ways for women to stay healthy and active is by exercising daily and maintaining good eating habits. Take breaks throughout the day; if you have a job where you sit at a computer, get a standing desk. Standing will immediately motivate you to be a little more active. Stretch every few hours. Make sure to get up from your computer at least once an hour, even if for only a few minutes. Movement will help reduce some of the pain and achiness that can come from sitting all day long. ~ Jennifer


Find a partner, grab your dog, or grab your kid and get outside! Walking, resistance training, yoga... whatever makes YOU happy and gives you that kick of energy is what is best for you. ~ Emma


I think the key to staying consistent in any exercise regimen is trying a variety of different forms of physical activity. Find activities that you truly enjoy and look forward to! Mix it up! Whether that is going for walks, yoga, biking, dancing, tennis, swimming, running, hiking, golfing just get moving! ~ Hope


How do you, as a woman, implement health and fitness into your day-to-day life?


As a woman myself, I implement health and fitness into my day-to-day life through daily exercise and eating habits. I try my best to exercise one hour a day and eat as healthy as possible. I make my meals usually before the week starts and keep healthy foods available to me at work, so that if I do get hungry, I have good choices to turn to. I make sure to take small breaks throughout the day and try not to sit too much. At lunch I either do a 20-minute walk or some exercise to keep my body moving and keep my energy up and mind sharp throughout the rest of the day. ~ Jennifer


I enjoy weight training during the week and hiking on the weekends to stay active and healthy, but to also improve my mood! I enjoy participating in recreational softball during the week to keep my skills sharp as well. ~ Emma

I make sure to prioritize my health mindfully. I choose movement that feels good to my body and listen to what my body needs. I have found that having a balanced approach to health and fitness is what works best for me. Some of my favorite ways to incorporate fitness into my daily routine is through running, rock-climbing, lifting, hiking, backpacking, biking and yoga. I love any activity that gets me out of my head and into the moment. I especially love any activity outdoors, specifically in the wintertime I love spending as much time as possible out skiing.  ~ Hope

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