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Keeping active in the winter can be a challenge - especially for those faced with the endless bouts of frigid temperatures, ice, and snow. Although difficult, staying active is incredibly important for overall health and wellness. The benefits include, but are not limited to, the reduced risk of heart attack, lowered cholesterol, and the improvement of mood, sleep, and energy levels.  

If you are feeling guilty about not fulfilling your New Year’s Resolution – or if the 2022 Winter Olympics are providing a little inspiration, here are some tips on how to stay moving in the winter: 

1. Chores – We know them, we hate them, but we need to do them. Kill two birds with one stone by taking 20 minutes to get out and shovel. Shoveling is the perfect combination of cardio, strength, and core training.  

Are the elements too harsh to shovel? Or has it not yet snowed? Sweep and vacuum the house! Not only does removing those annoying dust particles and allergens boost your immune system, but it helps get that heart rate going!  

2. Walk the dog – You are not the only one who needs to keep moving in the winter months. Your furry friend does too! Taking just 15-20 minutes out of your day to walk the dog vastly improves cardiovascular fitness, lower blood pressure and stronger muscles and bones. Bundle up, put on your favorite podcast or playlist, and get moving! 

3. Skiing/Sledding – Live in an area with an abundance of snow? Have you thought to yourself, “I could do that” during the Olympics Games? Take advantage of it! Both skiing and sledding are great ways to implement cardio, core, and lower body strength exercises into a fun winter sport.  

4. Try an online workout class – Due to the pandemic, at home workout classes are available more than ever and many are FREE! Classes vary by level and the options are endless. Take a minute to do a quick search online to find a program right for you. 

The bottom line: keeping consistently active increases your overall mental and physical health. Channel your inner Olympian and get moving!  

While staying active, if you injure yourself or notice some unusual aches and pains, a trip to the physical therapist might be right for you. Check out prnpt.com to find a clinic near you.  

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