Celebrating Diversity & Inclusion

At PRN, we stand committed to supporting and providing a diverse and inclusive workplace that respects one another and gives employees the freedom to be themselves. The foundational pillars of our culture and who we are – diversity, inclusion and engagement – help guide PRN’s mission to inspire creativity, innovation and empowerment. Our company is at its best when we are united in this mission and shared belief, regardless of our backgrounds, experiences and perspectives. Each of us has a role to play in advancing this mission and our commitment to one another.  

Through the support and contributions of our workforce, we are advancing these fundamental beliefs by developing a more diverse, inclusive and values-driven culture where every teammate feels a sense of belonging and purpose – and their voice is heard.  

Core Values of PRN’s Diversity Program

  • Value and embrace others for their differences and who they are
  • Listening with patience and empathy
  • Asking questions – and respecting answers
  • Being open to new perspectives, outlooks and opinions
  • Appreciate and respect contributions
  • Establish and nurture an environment where diversity can thrive

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