Access Physical Therapy Without a Physician Referral - Get Moving Again

Building a Safe & Healthy Workplace

As two of the most overlooked, and yet most basic and effective ways to help minimize absenteeism and improve productivity, ergonomics and industrial wellness MUST be a focal point in your workplace health & wellness programs.

By placing high emphasis on a program that addresses workplace safety and injury prevention, the expectation for achieving a low-risk, healthier workforce becomes within reach. With a partner like PRN, developing and implementing a program with a healthy blend of safety and technical training is a first big step in tackling ergonomic issues.

Reducing risk - improving health & safety

Leveraging nearly three decades of experience developing, testing, deploying and improving ergonomic programs for Fortune 500 companies, we’ll help you assess ergonomic risk and develop/implement a workplace safety plan that can help reduce risk, increase employee safety and promote positive outcomes. And in some cases, we can also develop a program where we provide an on-site PT clinic to address employee physical rehabilitative needs.

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