Improve Performance, Productivity and Outcomes:
Ergonomics = Health & Safety Programs

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Most organizations overlook one of the most basic and effective ways to help maximize performance, minimize absenteeism and improve outcomes: Ergonomics and Industrial Wellness. PRN Ergonomic Services can help you build a culture of safety, health and wellness. Leveraging nearly three decades of experience developing, testing, deploying and improving Ergonomic programs for Fortune 500 companies, we can move your workplaces to a new level of reduced risk, employee safety and positive outcomes.

No two businesses are exactly alike, so we customize our proven services and roll them out to your organization with the right combination of on-site, telephone and video conference training. The end result is a new way of looking at everyday tasks and a focus on Ergonomics that translates into happier, healthier employees, reduced downtime and lower costs.

Train the Trainer

Teach your dedicated Health and Safety staff to identify, assess and optimize ergonomic environments.

Office Ergonomics 101

Help employees become more self-aware of their personal body mechanics and individual needs to improve everyday work habits/behavior, posture and workstation configuration to lower injury risk and increase productivity.

Back Safety/Lift Training

The Bureau of Labor statistics says 25% of workers compensation claims are for back injuries. We teach proper lifting techniques and help employees determine the appropriate use of ergonomic equipment, including lift assists, forklifts, dolly, hand carts and hoists.

New Hire Orientation

Supplement your new-hire training with valuable information on reducing the risk of ergonomic injuries.

Ergonomic (Job-Site) Risk Assessment

This on-site evaluation and assessment identifies factors that increase the risk for injuries and creates a plan for improvement.

Office Ergonomics – Comprehensive Assessment (1-Hour)

This in-depth analysis focuses on job tasks, work habits and workstation configuration to identify any needed modification of equipment, tools, workstation configuration or employee activities.

Office Ergonomics – Proactive Workstation Assessment (30-minutes)

This individualized ergonomic assessment for new or symptom-free employees utilizes a checklist for initial risk factor analysis to recommend adjustments to workstations and provide brief posture, work-habit and behavior training.

Functional Keyboard Training

Participants learn the correct posture and technique for operating a keyboard or mouse, including how to use specialized devices, such as ergonomic keyboards and alternative mouse to minimize or eliminate repetitive stress injuries in the upper extremities.

Telephonic and Web Consultation Services

Employees who work from home or remote offices with no onsite ergonomic support experience the same risk for injury due to poor workstation configuration or furniture, improper posture or work habits. Our team uses video conferencing, photographs or in-home visits to make ergonomic assessments and recommendations.

Material Handling Assessment

On-site assessment and recommendations for improving lifting, lowering, pushing, pulling, filling, emptying, or carrying tasks by changing work practices, work flow, and/or use of equipment.

Laboratory Assessment

On-site assessments and recommendations for lab workers who stand or sit for long periods of time, face awkward positioning or are tasked with repetitive motions in jobs such microscopy, pipette use, micro-manipulation and other jobs requiring fine motor skills.

Manufacturing Assessment

Highly skilled, certified ergonomic specialists assess and recommend work-practice modifications, engineering improvements, tool modification or replacement, workstation adjustments and employee training.

Vehicle Assessment

PRN ergonomic specialists assess seat height, lumbar support and control access and other critical components to minimize ergonomic driving risks.

Program Development

We help you identify ergonomic needs, select solutions to meet those needs, and provide strategies to gain management support of necessary programs with cost-effectivene analysis

Quarterly Reporting/Metrics

Documentation to track injuries, risk assessments, recommended adjustments, training and outcomes can proactively eliminate potential injuries in the same work areas or field.

Injury and Illness Prevention Program (IIPP)

An IIPP is the umbrella for implementing all employee health and safety programs mandated by federal, state and local regulations, including a written plan defining ergonomic control policies and procedures.

Return to Work Program

PRNs clinical staff helps injured workers return to work sooner and safer by recommending accommodations to job tasks, evaluating employee injuries and medical restrictions and analyzing essential job functions, tasks and physical demands for returning workers.

Ergonomic Product Consultation

We provide information on ergonomic product vendors and resources while offering objective reviews of accessories, furniture and equipment, so you can make better informed product-purchase decisions.

Written Job Descriptions Using Biomechanical Measurements

Highly skilled PRN professionals observe, identify and measure essential functions and job demands to incorporate physical capacity measurements into job descriptions, so you place personnel into jobs based on biomechanical factors for job performance.