We understand your needs

PRN proudly partners with a number of organizations that share our passion for patient care and commitment to serving the needs of patients and team members alike. We believe a healthy alliance starts when goals align and needs are addressed, so it’s important our partnerships are mutually positioned to ensure the care continuum remains intact.

Our services run deep

From managing IP rehab services to establishing joint-ventures with hospitals to support their PT development/management programs, we have what it takes to develop and manage efficient systems that support the needs of you and your patients.

Physical Therapist Helps Patient
Physical Therapist Helps Patient

Reduce costs, increase revenue

Whether you’re trying to effectively manage an existing operation or enable a shared services initiative, we can build a custom solution for your healthcare organization. Adding to that, we also offer managed services for in-patient and out-patient rehab facilities that are custom designed to reduce costs and increase revenue.

Our full-time team is constantly working to find innovative ways to enhance operational efficiencies for your business. Leverage our experts today to see how we can help you meet the needs of your business and drive new forms of revenue-generating value.

Supporting every touchpoint in the healthcare journey

The road to wellness doesn’t stop when a patient leaves your facility. As experts who fully understand the healthcare journey and how continuity affects outcomes, know that we are with you every step of the way – from patient risk management and mitigation to care coordination (including post-discharge transitions) – we got your back.

Our structure is carefully designed so that patient care can be supported wherever your patients go – thanks to our growing footprint of trusted off-site clinics specializing in PT care and advanced services.


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