Manual Therapy

Physical therapists provide a specific type of hands-on care known as orthopedic manual physical therapy.

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Sports Rehab

Whether you are a high school, college or professional athlete, a weekend warrior or just enjoy a being active, physical therapists are here to provide you with the leading sports medicine care in the industry.

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Balance Training

Vestibular Rehabilitation is a specific type of therapy that is designed to reduce dizziness, improve balance, and increase the general quality of life in patients with balance dysfunction.

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Post Operative PT

Rehab after surgery is vital to ensuring a complete recovery. Get back to doing the things you love – and achieve your goals.

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Helping employers address workplace safety and injury prevention to achieve a low-risk, healthier workforce

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Industrial Rehab

Decrease Time Lost With Industrial Rehab That Meets Your Needs

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Hand Therapy

Specialty hand rehabilitation services delivered by experienced therapists with direct, clinical experience treating hand & upper extremity conditions, injuries or surgery.

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Aquatic Therapy

Increase Movement And Strength With Water-based Therapy

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IASTM stands for instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization and is performed by specially trained healthcare professionals.

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Services That Meet Your Needs

Providing patients with specialized programs focused on both preventative care and rehabilitation.

Comprehensive treatments provide superior results as our unique programs are designed to address the wide range of activities and needs of patients.


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