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El Centro, CA

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PRN Desert Rehabilitation Institute & Hand Center is a part of the ...

Dallas, TX

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Vista Rehab is a part of the Physical Rehabilitation Network (PRN – www...

Santa Clara and Milpitas, CA

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Santa Clara Sports Therapy and Calveras PT are part of the Physical...

Bismarck, ND

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RehabAuthority Physical Therapy opened its doors in the summer of 1999 and now has...

Las Vegas, NV

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Kelly Hawkins Physical Therapy is a part of the Physical Rehabilitation...

Partner Testimonials


"The Business of Physical Therapy is different from Clinical Physical Therapy. Having graduated from, then establishing an APTA accredited residency program, I felt clinically qualified to go into private practice. Nothing, however, prepared me for swimming with the sharks of the business world. On a daily basis, Property Managers, insurance representatives, office and medical suppliers are making deals and, let me tell you, they don't make deals to benefit you. There is no lonelier feeling than feeling you are being taken advantage of. Joining PRN is like having your big brother show up when the school bully is picking a fight. For instance, when negotiating our lease, PRN saved us $12,000 in tenant improvements. Their support allowed me to do what I do best, creating solid releationships with physicians and our patients. By partnering with PRN I affiliated my self with a winning team that knows the business of physical therapy."

Ron Satow PT