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Arlington and Marysville, WA

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Cascade Rehab and Summit Rehab are sister companies and are a part...

Vallejo, CA

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Grove Andersen Ghiringhelli Physical Therapy is a part of the...

Long Beach, CA

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California Rehabilitation and Sports Therapy is a part of the Physical...

Denver, CO

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Denver Physical Therapy is a part of the Physical Rehabilitation Network...

Las Vegas, NV

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Kelly Hawkins Physical Therapy is a part of the Physical Rehabilitation...

Partner Testimonials


I have worked with PRN for 19 years, starting as a staff therapist. Last year, I was able to realize my dream of owning the clinic I had worked so hard to build over the years, thanks to PRN's partnership program. It has been an extremely positive, supportive and rewarding process and I am thankful to Tim and PRN for the opportunity.

Reece C. Jensen, PT, DPT, MS, OCS
Owner/Director of PRN Physical Therapy