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Today we are proud to share that our national footprint has reached 200 clinics, making our 17-State Network one of the largest in the U.S.

“It’s an incredible milestone,” said CEO, PRN, Ajay Gupta, regarding the announcement. “And a testament to our entire team. A network of 200 clinics doesn’t just reflect our teams’ operational rigor and competence to manage the multitude of requirements and compliance required of any multi-state organization. But this kind of growth also demonstrates exceptional patient care and outcomes. Without PRN physical therapists treating patients in clinics every day and making a difference in people’s lives, then this growth trajectory isn’t possible.”

The PRN network surpassed 200 clinics with the acquisition of Gillette Physical Therapy in Gillette, Wyo, which also represented PRN’s first-ever clinic in the state of Wyoming. Across its 200 clinics and over 30 leading regional brands, PRN supports more than 1.7k clinical and administrative staff. As an employee- and culture-first organization, PRN was named Glassdoor’s 2021 Best Places to Work among small and medium-sized companies - the only physical therapy group to receive the designation.

With 200 clinics, PRN cements its position as one of the 10 largest physical-therapy networks in the U.S., according to a recent study of the $40 billion physical-therapy industry by Coker Capital, a division of Fifth Third Securities Inc. Across its enterprise, PRN carefully measures patient satisfaction scores, which include an 87% NPS score and a 4.8 average review on Google.

The core components to PRN’s growth have been its joint venture (JV) strategy and partnership model. For the former, the biggest success has been the opening of 32 joint venture clinics with MemorialCare, a prominent nonprofit Southern California integrated health system. The clinics operate under PRN’s network brand, California Rehabilitation and Sports Therapy (Cal Rehab), and have kept 98% of the health systems referrals in-house. Beyond its MemorialCare joint venture, PRN is also a proud JV partner to over 115 physical therapy practice owners across its national footprint.

“Our differentiated partnership model coupled with our internal and clinician-focused professional growth programs appeals to a broad range of practice owners looking to take their practice(s) to the next level,” said Mike Rice, Chief Development Officer, PRN. “Our model is designed to maintain the culture at the practice, retain employees, and grow what owners have built with years of sweat equity. For partners, PRN resources improve both the business bottom-line and their own quality of life.”

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