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At PRN, we are committed to supporting a comprehensive and personalized experience to help every individual reach their maximum potential.

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We are committed to developing and cultivating patient and partner relationships that make a positive and lasting difference in clinical care outcomes and the communities we support.


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What Patients Are Saying…

“It is my belief that the rapid and complete recovery that occurred after a massive rotator cuff was due to your diligence and program for recovery. Not only did you oversee the program in your facility but provided home therapy that was explained and taught in such a way that there was no confusion in the execution of the exercises. I wish to thank you very much and assure you that I will be happy to recommend your facility at any time. In my mind, on a 1-10, your staff and facility rate a 10+.”


“Thank you so much, for your thoughtful and holistic approach. You were able to provide me with the supportive exercises but also recognize that my symptoms
required a physician’s assistance. Your careful examination allowed me to bring important information to the attention of my primary care provider.”


“After seven knee surgeries and going to many physical therapy clinics, I feel that the therapists at (PRN) use a wide variety of approaches that haven’t been done in other facilities. They have really helped me with
my flexibility and knee pain.”

Marc Newfield (Retired Pro Baseball Player)

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