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Building a Safe and Healthy Workplace

Take the first step towards substantial reductions in costly workers' compensation claims and an overall increase in company productivity and employee satisfaction. PRN's Ergonomics team can assess your company's workplace and develop a customized program to help reduce risk, increase employee safety, enhance employee work experiences and promote positive outcomes.

How a Fortune 500 Tech Company Benefits from PRN's Client-First Approach

PRN offers a unique and customizable service model. This model was unlike anything that competitors could offer. PRN's service model lends itself to a client-first approach; focused less on asking the client to fit into a predetermined framework and more on working with the client to create solutions together. Others have been unsuccessful in providing this model as they are more focused on having us fit into their model or "buy" their program. Others focus more on sales than solutions. 

Operational manager of EHS for a fortune 500 technology company

Employee Safety & Wellness

Pathways with Purpose

PRN's clinical pathway follows a comprehensive treatment and reporting experience for employers and employees, with the goal of lessening health care costs and improving the material impact on employee productivity.

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For nearly three decades, PRN has been developing, testing, deploying, and improving ergonomics programs for companies. Our goal is to eliminate any chance of work-related injuries while creating a safe and ideal workspace for each of our clients.