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About PRN's Clinical Pathway Program

Clinicians today are asked to be extraordinary. The pace and complexity of today’s practice environment is greater than ever before. PRN wants to make a commitment to our patients, to our new hires, to our mentors and to the physical therapy profession. Our clinical pathway program is our commitment to comprehensive patient care and ongoing professional development, accelerating clinicians along a path to clinical excellence.

Clinical Leadership Pathways

Our clinical leadership pathway program provides clinicians the tools and resources necessary to becoming a clinical leader or partner. Through this pathway, clinicians are introduced to more of the business and management responsibilities associated with running a clinical practice. 

Mentorship Pathways

With any good continuing educational program, it helps to build a solid foundation for everyone. PRN's Mentorship Program provides all new graduates with the tools to start their career off right. PRN's Mentorship Program is a 12-week program, beginning immediately upon hire, and aims to orient new PRN clinicians to evidence-based patient management and produce a life-long, reflective continuing professional development plan

Accelerating Clinical Skills

This intensive program partners new-hires with an experienced PRN clinician to help accelerate development in today’s fast-paced clinical world. Within the program, participants will undergo:

  • MedBridge Learning Track Modules
  • Face-to-Face Clinical Mentoring
  • Career Planning
  • Technical Skills Development

Becoming a Clinic Partner

"Having PRN’s support has allowed me to concentrate on day-to-day clinic operations and patient care while still being able to invest in myself with generous clinic ownership opportunities."

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More Than a Career

At PRN, we understand that a patient’s experience is only as good as the care they receive. We strive to foster an atmosphere where our patients feel safe, welcome, and confident in their treatment.

We can’t meet that goal without passionate, intelligent, and skilled employees who share our vision. We are constantly on the lookout for team members eager to join a team founded on inclusivity, ambition, and outstanding care. If you are interested in joining the PRN team, apply today!

Join Our Team

PRN is proud to have been named one of  Glassdoor’s 2021 Best Places to Work among small and medium-sized companies. Of the top 50 best places to work, only three were in the healthcare industry and PRN was the only physical therapy company.

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Whether you are a recent grad or tenured clinic director ready to make a move in your career, we want to meet you! From Seattle to Texas to Kentucky, we are seeking passionate physical therapists and clinical leaders to join us during this exciting time. Simply fill out and submit the form below and we'll follow up to setup time to connect.


Principles for Growth

Career Development

Employee Empowerment

Diversity & Inclusion

We encourage professional curiosity and provide ample tools and resources to allow you to grow and develop your professional and personal interests. 

We believe in empowering our employees to improve accountability, customer service, and increase overall job satisfaction. 

We embrace all walks of life through understanding and acceptance. We offer a collaborative, supportive, and respectful environment.

Our Core Values

Access Care For All

Keep Commitments & Build Trust

Advancing Growth Objectives

Provide Personalize Solutions

Expand Opportunities for Success

Improve the Lives of All in Reach

"A Brand of Brands"

We proudly support over 200 clinics, more than 30 locally-recognized and trusted brands and beyond 1,700 teammates! 

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