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Urgent Care And Physical Therapy

As the urgent care landscape continues to gain a competitive edge, it can be difficult for facilities to differentiate or diversify their service offerings. Many patients that present themselves at urgent care facilities have musculoskeletal pain and are seeking relief. Early intervention with physical therapy in regard to acute or chronic musculoskeletal pain can decrease the need for opioids, cut down on future medical costs, decrease the risk for re-injury, and provide the patient a high probability for returning to regular activities of daily life.

It can be difficult and time-consuming for urgent care facilities to develop relationships with various physical therapy providers for their patient population. That’s why at PRN we offer an urgent care solution for facilities looking for a long-term, effective partnership that improves a streamlined process and experience for patients.

Partnering With PRN

What you can expect:

  • Increase service offerings for your patient population
  • Provide patients a safe, effective alternative to pharmaceuticals
  • Provide an expanded footprint of locations reaching a broader audience
  • Develop relationships with best-in-class physical therapists
  • Concierge service and single point of contact for patient scheduling
  • Outcomes measurement and reporting

Our goal at PRN is to provide greater access and the best quality care we can for the patients and communities we serve, but we also understand the importance of the ease of use. We consider ourselves the ‘easy button’ when it comes to physical therapy support for our Urgent Care partners and pain relief solution for our patients.

Connect With Us!

At PRN our beliefs go beyond the business. In every interaction, and every partnership, we want to make life easier and give our partners the runway to achieve the next steps in their career. If you’re interested in learning more about partnering with PRN, please get in contact with us.