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Get to Know the Leaders Behind PRN

The leadership team at PRN, together, brings nearly three decades of experience working at the intersection of direct patient care and healthcare business support functions. Saddled on transparency, meritocracy, innovation and growth, our leaders take great pride in providing our partners and team members the resources and professional support needed to deliver the highest levels of physical rehabilitative care to our patients.

Ajay Gupta


Rob Pace


Nick Poan


Mike Rice


Kim Rosenlund

SVP, Marketing

Brett Windsor

SVP, Clinical Services and Excellence

Christina Sisco

SVP of Revenue Cycle Management

Aaron Cohen

SVP, Human Resources

Adam Richards

VP, Accounting

Lindsey Knox

SVP, Operations

Rob Marchant

SVP, Operations

Herschel Sharp

SVP, Operations

Abby Smith

VP, Operations

Jeff Lipkin

VP, Operations

Casey Russell

VP, Operations

Clarissa Jeetan

Sr. Director of Human Resources

Stuart Chew

Sr. Director, IT

Erika Jacob

Compliance Officer

Valerie Hogen

Sr. Director, Credentialing and Enrollment

Brandon Prideaux

Head of Talent Acquisition