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About PRN's Residency & Fellowship Program

At PRN, we provide Residency and Fellowship programs that lay a strong foundation for continued growth in your career and profession. Whether you're looking to move into a leadership role or to enhance your skills as a physical therapist, we support you every step of the way.

Exciting Update! In 2024 and beyond, we continue to expand our program that focuses on the development of advanced patient management skills, accessible throughout our national network!

Residency Opportunities

PRN's residencies are designed to enhance a physical therapist's knowledge, skills, and competencies in specialized areas of clinical practice, such as orthopedics and sports. Our programs offer a combination of clinical mentoring, didactic learning, and opportunities for professional growth. We have ongoing opportunities available for orthopedic and sports residencies at numerous clinic locations across the Western and Central U.S.

Fellowship Opportunities

Our Fellowship programs aim to further develop physical therapists beyond their initial certification in subspecialty areas. These programs provide rigorous training and mentoring in advanced practice areas, preparing therapists for expert-level roles in the field.

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More Than a Career

We believe that exceptional patient experiences begin with exceptional care. That’s why we create an environment where patients feel secure, valued, and confident in their treatment. Achieving this is only possible with a team that shares our dedication to inclusivity, ambition, and excellence. 

We are actively seeking passionate, smart and skilled individuals eager to make a difference. Join PRN, a team committed to outstanding care and a supportive work environment. Apply today and help us continue to set the standard in physical therapy!

Join Our Team

PRN is honored to be recognized as one of  Glassdoor’s 2021 Best Places to Work or small and medium-sized companies, a testament to our commitment to excellence. Among the top 50 companies listed, only three were from the healthcare sector, with PRN being the sole representative from the physical therapy industry.

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Whether you are a recent grad or tenured clinic director ready to make a move in your career, we want to meet you! From Seattle to Texas, we are seeking passionate physical therapists and clinical leaders to join us during this exciting time. Simply fill out and submit the form below and we'll follow up to setup time to connect.


Principles for Growth

Career Development

Employee Empowerment

Diversity & Inclusion

We encourage professional curiosity and provide ample tools and resources to allow you to grow and develop your professional and personal interests. 

We believe in empowering our employees to improve accountability, customer service, and increase overall job satisfaction. 

We embrace all walks of life through understanding and acceptance. We offer a collaborative, supportive, and respectful environment.

Our Core Values

Ensuring Accessible and Scalable Care

Maintaining Trust

Supporting Your Growth

Offering Personalized Solutions

Expanding Opportunities

Improving the Lives of All

"A Brand of Brands"

We proudly manage over 200 clinics and support more than 20 locally recognized and trusted brands, with a dedicated team of over 1,700 professionals. Our network delivers a full spectrum of physical therapy services, including outpatient care, workplace ergonomics, therapy for workers' compensation claims, sports and auto injury rehabilitation and senior rehabilitation services.

Brands We Support