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Worksite Safety Orientations & Trainings

Back pain is a common condition to have over the course of your life, but it should not be caused by daily tasks at your workplace. The Bureau of Labor notes that 25 percent of workers compensation claims are for back injuries. These injuries can easily be avoided with proper training.

Orientations & Trainings we provide

Our team teaches proper lifting techniques for employees so that they can avoid becoming injured at work. We also provide the tools they need to determine when to use the appropriate ergonomic equipment, including lift assists, forklifts, dolly, hand carts and hoists. This knowledge keeps employees feeling their best and allows them to work safely, and risk free.

Train the Trainer
If you have a dedicated health and safety officer, it is important that they have the tools and knowledge to identify, assess and optimize your workplace’s ergonomic environments.

Office Ergonomics 101
Help employees become more self-aware of their personal body mechanics and individual needs to improve their everyday work habits, behavior and posture. This training also provides insight into the ideal workstation configuration to lower injury risk and increase productivity.

New Hire Orientation
Supplement your new-hire trainings with valuable information on reducing the risk of ergonomic injuries in the workplace.

Functional Keyboard Training
Participants learn the correct posture and technique for operating a keyboard or mouse. This includes how to use specialized devices, such as ergonomic keyboards and alternative mouse styles to minimize or eliminate repetitive stress injuries in the upper extremities.

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