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Request a Worksite/Ergonomics Care Assessment

At PRN, we want you to perform your best and prevent an injury from ever occurring. Our worksite ergonomic specialists can determine if your work environment is safe and appropriately set up to work at your optimal level throughout the day. In addition to safety, we evaluate efficiency and review how certain job tasks are performed. We can identify physical risk factors to prevent injuries and work to create custom prevention programs. Let PRN help create a more efficient workplace and assist with wellness and injury program for all employees!

Information learned from an assessment:

The certified ergonomics specialists on the PRN Ergonomics team identify risk factors to your company's ergonomic environment and make recommendations for improvements to increase employee safety, enhance employee work experiences and promote positive outcomes. We'll provide your recommendations on the appropriate set-up of a work station including: chair, monitor, keyboard and mouse, etc. We will also provide instructions on what to do during the day to maintain optimal posture and flexibility.

Who can benefit from an ergonomic assessment?

Employees starting to experience problems, those being treated for an injury related to their job, or those looking to improve how they feel throughout the work day.

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