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Worksite Safety Assessments & Research

Workplace safety continues to rise in importance. After all, an organization’s strategy and implementation of workplace safety programs directly impacts its reputation, profitability and ability to attract and retain talent. Beyond the negative effects to employee morale, safety concerns often prompt increased turnover, lower productivity and a flagging organizational commitment to safety

Helping you make more informed decisions

Leveraging our safety assessments & research tools, organizations can begin to identify the driving factors of workplace incidents with the goal of developing effective prevention (and recovery) strategies. Through the effective implementation of advanced data-driven strategies, companies can better attain stronger financial benefits through increased productivity, reduced litigation and sanctions and the ability to focus limited dollars on the most effective interventions. More critically, organizations can reduce the human cost of safety by cutting the number and severity of workplace incidents.

On-site and virtual services we provide

Worksite Ergonomic Risk Assessment
This on-site evaluation and assessment identifies factors that increase the risk for injuries and creates a plan for improvement.

Office Ergonomics - Comprehensive Assessment
This hour-long assessment provides in-depth analysis that focuses on job tasks, work habits and workstation configurations. We identify and necessary modifications of equipment, tools, workstation configurations or employee activities.

Office Ergonomics - Proactive Workstation Assessment
This individualized ergonomic assessment for new or symptom-free employees lasts thirty minutes. During this time, we analyze and provide recommended adjustments to workstations. Posture, work-habit and behavior training is also provided.

Material Handling Assessment
We provide on-site assessment and recommendations to improve lifting, lowering, pushing, pulling, filling, emptying, or carrying tasks by changing work practices, workflow and utilizing equipment.

Laboratory Assessment

For lab workers who stand or sit for long periods of time, we provide on-site assessments and recommendations. Lab workers may face awkward positioning and are often tasked with repetitive motions in jobs such as microscopy, pipette use, micro-manipulation and other jobs requiring fine motor skills.

Manufacturing Assessment

Highly skilled, certified ergonomic specialists assess and recommend work-practice modifications, engineering improvements, tool modification or replacement, workstation adjustments and employee trainings.

Vehicle Assessment

PRN ergonomic specialists assess seat height, lumbar support, control access and other critical components found in a vehicle to minimize ergonomic driving risks.

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