Connect with a licensed ergonomic specialist with a secure, HIPAA compliant, easy to use therapy video conferencing tool

For immediate  information or to learn how PRN can help your practice call or email Kyle Kircher – 530-933-9620kkircher@prnpt.com or fill out the form below

As many companies transition to a remote workforce, just like in the office; a safe working environment is important to decrease injury risk and improve efficiency. We are here to help.

As a leading provider of Therapy and Ergonomic services, PRN incorporates telehealth assessments to reduce injuries and maximize associate productivity when in remote locations.

For further information please contact our Telehealth department at: Kyle R – 530-933-9620

Our telehealth platform is best in class, HIPAA compliant and secure. It’s easy to use and provides a seamless experience for the employer, the client, and the ergonomic specialist

We are offering three options to fit your needs at this time.

Virtual Home Office Evaluation:

Video conference with employee working from home to evaluate and design an effective work station

  • Work station configuration and real time problem solving
  • Risk assessment: Work habits, behaviors, and solutions to alleviate previous muscular and/or neurological problems with work activities
  • Exercise, stretching, movement recommendations

Virtual Therapeutic Evaluation:

Designed for an employee who was previously in therapy or in need of starting physical/occupational therapy services

  • Virtual visit with a physical or occupational therapist
  • Virtual musculoskeletal evaluation
  • Problem solving, education, and self-care solutions
  • Home exercise programs

Combination-Customized Services (Virtual/In Clinic):

Customized evaluation and strengthening program consisting of in clinic visits and virtual follow-up.

  • Flat rate bundled price structure up to 15 visits
  • Varies by location

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