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For Your Patients in Need

Do you have patients who had to stop physical therapy mid-treatment due to clinic closures or non-emergent conditions?

We can help.

Safe Continuum of Care

Are you looking to prevent interruptions in gains made in PT or provide alternative solutions to pain management medication for your non-emergent patient population?

Telehealth is an effective solution to improving many challenging medical cases including orthopedic treatment, pain management and spine therapy.

Thanks to telehealth services, patients won’t be forced to discontinue care earlier than anticipated, which is a growing concern among patients affected by these challenging times. In fact, telehealth offers patients an uninterrupted, one-on-one experience as they would typically receive in the clinic – except in the comfort and safety of their own home. As we all know, gaps in treatment, temporary pausing care or ending therapy too soon can have long-term strain on your recovery.

Through the benefit of prompt telehealth intervention, patients have an option to immediately address pain therefore reducing the need to seek other options such as pain reduction medication

We’re Here to Help

Are you overwhelmed with non-emergent patients and cases?

We know it’s a busy and complicated time with so many patients in need. We understand meeting the healthcare demands and needs for various patient populations is becoming more and more challenging.

By offering best in class telehealth for your patients, we are here to provide an easy solution for your patient care needs. Our goal is “Make Things Easier, Not Harder” and gain access to great physical therapy and have a true partner in this unprecedented healthcare environment.

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