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Complete Balance Solutions offers hands-on, high-quality physical rehabilitation programs to patients. Our physical therapists are highly credentialed professionals who are passionate about providing quality care that results in superior outcomes for patients.


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Physical therapy can help treat a variety of individual needs from injury recovery, to increasing mobility and functionality due to disability or disease, injury prevention, improving sports performance and more. Click the button below to learn more about our commitment to our patients.

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The staff was courteous, professional, and strictly followed Covid-19 safety protocol. My nonagenarian mom was hospitalized for what was diagnosed as a severe episode of benign paroxysmal positional vertigo. After she was discharged, she received physical therapy and occupational therapy from a different organization, however when the therapy was finished, she was still unable to get out of bed on her own, had occasional episodes of dizziness, and some issues with her balance. The rehab my mother received from Physical Therapist (PT) Laura was geared to my mother's ability and needs. I was concerned that it may have been too demanding or cause major bouts of dizziness, however PT Laura was exceptionally professional in the way she helped to rehabilitate my mom's condition, always taking care to go at my mother's pace. As a result, my mom's balance was significantly improved, her dizziness episodes went away, and she was able to get out of bed on her own. Thank you to PT Laura and the Complete Balance Solutions staff for giving my mom back her quality of life!"

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Parkinson’s Disease and Physical Therapy: Hear From Our Patients

Want to know more about how physical therapy can help with deficits related to Parkinson’s Disease? At Complete Balance Solutions, we specialize in treating balance and dizziness from all types of neurological disorders and we’ve helped many people with Parkinson’s Disease to improve their walking, balance, endurance, and overall function. Hear from two of Megan Mar's patients, who she has treated at Complete Balance Solutions Seal Beach.

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