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Physical therapy is one of the best forms of treatment for a wide array of medical problems. It not only allows patients to recover from injuries but helps to improve their overall health and well-being. 

What is National Physical Therapy Month? 

The American Physical Therapy Association (APTA) established National Physical Therapy Month in 1981, to honor the profession and the countless ways that physical therapists, physical therapist assistant, and PT and PTA students better the lives of individuals throughout the country. This October, the APTA is focusing on the importance of physical activity and the role PTs play in getting people moving.  

The role of a physical therapist 

Physical therapists are educated and highly trained, licensed healthcare professionals whose goal is to reduce patient pain and restore/improve mobility. Physical therapists offer a pain relief alternative to surgery and prescription medication, such as opioids. They also teach patients how to better manage their pain, avoiding unpleasant side-effect of narcotic and/or surgery.  

Physical therapists provide care for people of all ages and various life stages, while using a range of techniques to reduce pain and improve a patient’s ability to move freely again. They develop an individualized care plan built around their observations of your condition, the goals you want to achieve, and your expected outcomes.     

Benefits of physical therapy 

Physical therapy has many benefits – from pain reduction to improved movement. Here are some of the specialties that physical therapy offers:   

General Physical Therapy Specialties  

  • Preventative Care – How your body moves or doesn’t move correctly and what weaknesses are present that may cause pain the future. 
  • Balance Issues – Regain strength and proprioception in your lower legs to feel safer and steadier on your feet.  
  • Work Ergonomics – Help setting up an ergonomically sound workstation. 
  • Sport Specific Care – Determine what you need to stretch, strengthen, or mobilize to fix the mechanics. 
  • Respiratory Care – Assist with your breathing and heart issues. 

Focused PT Specialties  

  • Oncology Care – Guide you on your way to regaining strength, endurance, and mobility. 
  • Pre/Postnatal Care – Teach you stretches and strengthening prenatal/postnatal. 
  • TMJ Care – Teach relaxation and stress management techniques. 
  • Incontinence Care – Help restraining the pelvic floor muscles. 
  • Developmental Delays – Help your baby reach their milestones. 


We can’t thank you enough for entrusting us to help restore the quality of life that you deserve. For this, our pledge is to provide the highest quality of care through an individualized treatment approach, supported by our personable team and superior resources.  

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