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Read more about Expanding Community Access Points: The Power of Partnerships in Outpatient Physical Therapy
August 25, 2023 by Brian Rog

In the evolving healthcare landscape, joint ventures between outpatient physical therapy (PT) clinics and health systems offer transformative solutions. Such partnerships grant communities easy access to PT clinics in prime locations, ensuring treatment adherence and enhanced health outcomes. Moreover, these alliances are cost-effective, enabling swift expansion.

Read more about Enhancing Healthcare Efficiency: The Power of Outsourcing to Outpatient Care
June 15, 2023 by Brian Rog

In today's rapidly evolving healthcare landscape, hospitals face a host of challenges, including increasing patient volumes, rising costs, and a growing need for service expansion into the local communities. To address these hurdles effectively, hospitals are turning to a transformative solution: outsourcing certain services to outpatient care providers.