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Running Analysis

A running analysis is an in-depth evaluation that looks for the root cause of your pain complaint or chronic symptoms you experience when running. It is a necessary exam for the runner who is stuck in the viscous cycle of obtaining temporary relief of their symptoms, only to return to running and have everything come right back again.

Running Analysis Benefits

Having a gait analysis done can be an excellent way to reduce your daily pain, whether or not you're a runner. It will pick up on issues with your stride, unusual head or arm position, and any other issues hiding in your walking patterns.

A Running Analysis provides crucial information for runners, including:

  • Information about your running style
  • An understanding of your level of pronation
  • An analysis of your leg and body movement to pinpoint areas that may be affecting performance and efficiency

Running Analysis Techniques

Running Gait Analysis is a study of the running process. You might have done an analysis of your foot arch at the footwear store before but that is just a part of the entire Running Gait Analysis. In RGA, slow motion video capture is used to record the entire gait cycle, from the initial foot strike through to the end of the swing phase. This analysis covers your body movement from top-to-toe, so it considers how the other parts of your body, such as the knees, arms and hips, are moving. There are significant benefits from completing RGA for everyone — from occasional runners to marathon semi-professionals.


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