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Contributions from Marc Root, PTA, Clinic Director and Partner at Summit Rehabilitation - Marysville.

Meet Marc Root, PTA, Clinic Director and Partner-Owner of Summit Rehabilitation in Marysville. Marc began working with us as a PTA in 2011 at our Cascade Rehabilitation Broadway clinic in Washington. After several years he transitioned into a floating PT role for 10 clinics across our Washington brand network, which includes Summit and Cascade Rehabilitation. During this time, Marc took advantage of PRN's mentorship and professional development programs, which helped prepare him for his current role as Clinic Director at Summit Rehabilitation in Marysville. The story doesn't end there. Most recently, Marc became a partner in the Marysville clinic, which means he has ownership equity in the practice, which he credits to his hard work, commitment and ability to lead.

Marc Root’s story is a great example of how professional support programs (like PRN offers) can lead to greater success - and a solid retirement. Learn more about his journey starting out as a PTA moving up the ranks to Owner below:

How has PRN supported you throughout the journey?
PRN has supported me in my journey by recognizing my work ethic as well as providing me with great mentorship from treating therapists, Clinic Directors, PSRs and Regional Directors and Front Office Directors.
As a CD I have been very fortunate to have one of the best mentors as my RDO/RVP who was a great resource and she helped me understand how to manage not only the clinic but how to properly communicate with my team members as well.

What advice do you have for PTs aspiring to grow into a leadership role, but are unsure of where/how to begin?
Advice I would have for any aspiring PTA who would want to grow into leadership would be to work hard and make sure you are constantly learning all aspects of the office. A large part of my journey was understanding how the front desk functioned and being able to help in all aspects of the clinic. It also takes years of experience within the company, for my opportunity I was about 6-7 years into working with the company prior to even being considered for any management type role. It took A LOT of- yes, I can do that or yes, I can work that day until I got the "Yes" I was looking for. In other words, take advantage of any opportunities that may come your way even if it seems small.

Explain what it takes to climb the ranks and become a clinic partner-owner (levels of education/support, personal/professional sacrifice, etc.)?
In regards to becoming a clinic owner/partner it also took quite a bit of dedication and hard work in the Clinic Director role itself. The hard work has its own sacrifices from coming in early or working through your lunch to making sure all aspects of the CD job are getting done. Also understanding how to hold your employees accountable to build a strong team has helped our clinic succeed. I take a lot of pride in our clinic and how it functions as a team and how everyone helps throughout the day in all aspects.

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