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Resilience on the Path to Healing - From Dreams to Reality

Physical therapy (PT) is a field where every story is unique and every journey is a source of inspiration. In this spirit, we celebrate the achievements of Tiffany Li from the University of Washington and Catherine from Chapman University, our proud CSM Raffle winners. Their paths, filled with dedication and passion, not only illuminate their personal growth but also the dynamic opportunities within PT.

Tiffany Li: Engineering a New Path in PT

Tiffany's journey in PT began when her initial interest in engineering took a turn after shadowing a PT for her sister's ACL surgery rehab. This experience revealed the enthralling aspects of PT, combining science, problem-solving, and patient interaction. Tiffany says, "The blend of science, problem-solving, and patient interaction in PT was exactly what I was looking for."

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Her academic pursuits have focused on holistic patient care and scientific understanding. Tiffany aspires to specialize in neurology and dreams of opening her own clinic, signaling a bright and impactful future in PT.

Catherine: Turning Challenges into Passion

Catherine’s path to PT was influenced by overcoming personal sports injuries. This led her from the Bay Area to Cal Poly Pomona and eventually to Chapman University's PT program. She finds her motivation in the therapeutic power of movement and the potential to help others. Catherine shares, "My journey has shown me the incredible healing potential of PT."


Catherine's time at Chapman has been a journey of academic rigor and practical application, supported by a network of peers and mentors. Her flexible and open-minded approach is geared towards bringing her skills to various aspects of PT.

Future Aspirations and Goals

Tiffany and Catherine stand on the threshold of making significant contributions to PT. Tiffany's ambition to become a neurologic clinical specialist and Catherine's aim to explore diverse PT practices highlight their potential to impact the field positively.

Embarking on a Career in Physical Therapy

As we celebrate the journeys of Tiffany and Catherine, we're reminded of the diverse paths and opportunities in PT. Their stories inspire not just future PT practitioners but all those considering a career in this rewarding field.

If you're inspired by Tiffany and Catherine's stories and see a future for yourself in physical therapy, consider joining the team at Physical Rehabilitation Network. At PRN, we value the unique journeys of our team members and are committed to fostering an environment where passion for PT and personal growth go hand in hand. Start your journey to excellence in physical therapy with us. Explore career opportunities here!

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