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Empowering Voices in Physical Therapy

As we honor Women's History Month, it's important to recognize women's influence in physical therapy. Their contributions pave the way for future therapists and ensure care for patients. Through testimonials from professionals in the community, we uncover the impact women have made.

Hannah Bennett, PT, DPT, MBA, CSCS, CET, CIDN, Student Process Coordinator, reflects on her formative years volunteering at an outpatient physical therapy clinic under the guidance of an established female therapist. Bennett recalls the therapist's creativity and adaptability in patient care, emphasizing the importance of hands-on experience and personalized treatment approaches. This early exposure not only shaped Bennett's clinical skills but also her understanding of the therapeutic relationship, underscoring the lasting influence of female mentors in shaping confident, capable practitioners.

Alyson Vasconcellos, PT, DPT, Regional Director of Operations - OCLA, shares her journey from an aspiring high school student to a leader in the field, highlighting the critical role female mentors played in her development. Encountering skepticism from male colleagues about her potential in sports therapy only fueled her determination. Vasconcellos's experience illustrates the power of female solidarity and mentorship in overcoming barriers and achieving professional aspirations, reinforcing the belief that women can excel in any PT specialization.

Kasey Casner, PT, DPT, PPSC, Clinic Director, emphasizes the impact of Anita, a former colleague, and Alyson Vasconcellos on her career trajectory. Anita's recognition of Casner's strengths and her encouragement to pursue leadership roles exemplify the "Girl Boss" ethos, inspiring Casner to become a clinic director. This story highlights the importance of female role models in the workplace, demonstrating how women support each other in achieving leadership positions and fostering an environment of growth and empowerment.

Hannah Brennan, PT, DPT, specializes in Women's Health and Pelvic Health, offering a unique perspective on the impact of female physical therapists. Brennan's work empowers women to take control of their health, addressing sensitive issues like pelvic pain and incontinence with empathy and expertise. By creating a supportive environment and emphasizing education, Brennan not only improves her patients' physical well-being but also their confidence and quality of life, showcasing the critical role women play in advancing specialized fields within physical therapy.

Jason Pointer, PT, DPT, COMT, FAAOMPT, OCS, Cert. DN, Cert. AYSTM, Regional Director of Operations for Idaho and Montana, shares his journey into the world of physical therapy. Pointer's experience began as a volunteer, where he met his first mentor, a highly knowledgeable and accomplished female therapist with over 40 years of experience. Working at the local county adult center, Pointer was introduced to the geriatric setting, which he hadn't considered before. His mentor's passion for helping people across all ages inspired him to explore various techniques adaptable to the aging population. This mentorship not only reinforced his passion for the profession but also highlighted the invaluable role of female therapists in guiding and shaping careers.

Alex Schoonover, PTA, contributes another perspective, acknowledging the diverse roles women play in outpatient physical therapy settings, from PT/PTA to front office coordinators and technicians. Schoonover emphasizes the dedication these women show in excelling and providing comprehensive patient care, showcasing their ability to round out the patient experience beyond just physical therapy. From them, Schoonover learned not only treatment methods but also verbal communication skills and the importance of community, further illustrating the supportive and multifaceted contributions of women in the field.

These testimonials highlight the contributions of women in physical therapy—from mentorship to specialized patient care. As we celebrate Women's History Month, let's acknowledge the women who have shaped this field, showing that passion, creativity, and resilience continue to make a difference in the lives of patients and professionals.

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