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Working From Home Requires a Different Approach

As employers continue to enforce remote and hybrid work models, employees have become accustomed to working from their home office, which means they’re tasked with configuring their personal workstations. Without adequate ergonomic support, this also means working from home can negatively impact employees’ work habits.

In response to the rise of at-home working, PRN developed a virtual ergonomic program to identify and correct ergonomic risk factors, which in turn help increase job comfort, enhance job performance and decrease the likelihood of work-related injuries. Our ergonomic team conducts one-on-one video and phone assessments with clients across the country to offer personalized, real-time recommendations based on workspaces and work routines.

Evaluating a Remote Workstation

Before the virtual assessment, an ergonomic specialist reaches out to the employee requesting a photo of their workspace and ensuring they have a device to measure workspace equipment. During the assessment, the specialist completes a thorough evaluation of their workstation and job requirements to identify risk factors, offer solutions in real-time and provide education on needed adjustments.

The ergonomist begins the evaluation by asking for personalized background information on the employee, including their height and weight, whether they are right-handed or left-handed, and if they use glasses/contacts. Then the ergonomist asks which devices the employee uses and how many hours they spend in front of screens each day.

Once they have an informed background on the employee, the ergonomist asks for specific measurements of their workstation based on the photos submitted. The conversation then turns to any discomfort or pain the employee feels in their body. While displaying a graphic of an optimally ergonomic workstation, the ergonomist guides the employee to the appropriate posture and equipment positioning to help alleviate discomfort.

Finally, the ergonomist asks the employee about lifestyle choices to detect any possible problems or future injuries that could occur. By examining the dynamic relationship and interactive nature of the person, their work environment and job demands, our team can recommend changes and share individualized advice for more ergonomic habits.

How We Support Employees Remotely

Our online solutions enable access to improved ergonomics before problems start. PRN’s specialists take the following steps to help prevent future injuries:

  • Evaluate risk factors
  • Identify any discomfort
  • Provide ergonomic tips
  • Recommend equipment changes

Common issues during these assessments include language barriers and technical difficulties that can cause delays during calls. During these difficulties, our specialists take the time to properly communicate with employees to ensure we are providing the best possible assessment.

Virtual Ergonomics Will Help…

  • Reduce absenteeism
  • Improve production, quality and business profitability
  • Increase workplace safety and productivity
  • Boost employee morale
  • Create an Optimal Work Pattern
  • Educate employees about office ergonomics

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