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If you’re looking to foster a healthier workforce through workplace safety and injury prevention, the PRN Ergonomics team can assess your company’s workplace and develop a customized program to help reduce risk, increase employee safety, enhance employee work experiences and promote positive outcomes.

For nearly three decades, PRN has been developing, testing, deploying and improving ergonomics programs for companies. Our goal is to eliminate any chance of work-related injuries while creating a safe and ideal workspace for each of our clients.

We empower our clients through educational programs that focus on wellness and safety in the workplace. These programs include:

Office Ergonomics 101

  • Many injuries and pains can be avoided with proactive measures. We help employees become more self-aware of their body mechanics and individual needs to improve everyday work habits, behavior, posture and workstation configuration to decrease injury risk and increase productivity.

Back Safety/Lift Training

  • The Bureau of Labor statistics says 25% of workers compensation claims are related to back injuries. We teach proper lifting techniques and help employees determine the appropriate use of ergonomic equipment, including lift assists, forklifts, dollies, hand carts and hoists.

New Hire Orientation

  • Start your new employees on the right foot with ergonomics training during their orientation. This helps reduce the risk of ergonomic injuries and pains from their first day.

Train the Trainer

  • We teach your Health and Safety staff to identify, assess and optimize ergonomic environments through proper training, so your organization can recognize and mitigate risks faster.


PRN’s Other Customizable Offerings Include:

  • Functional Keyboard Training
  • Injury And Illness Prevention Program (IIPP)
  • Return-To-Work Program
  • Quarterly Reporting/Metrics

These Programs Will Help…

  • Reduce workers’ comp and short-term disability costs
  • Mitigate risk of OSHA fines and penalties
  • Reduce absenteeism
  • Decrease employee turnover
  • Improve production, quality and business profitability
  • Increase workplace safety and productivity

We Offer Remote Consultation Services!

Employees who work from home or remote offices may experience risk for injury due to poor workstation configuration or furniture, improper posture or work habits. If they don’t have access to on-site ergonomics support, our team can provide ergonomic assessments and recommendations for those employees through video conferencing, photographs and in-home visits.

Take the first step toward substantial reductions in costly workers’ compensation claims and an overall increase in company productivity and employee satisfaction.

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