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  1. You may not feel injuries until days later. Many people suffering from injuries after auto accidents may not realize they’ve been injured until days later, or they may not even recognize they’ve been injured because they show little to no symptoms. To ensure you don’t cause further injuries, it’s important to seek care immediately following an auto accident for all but very minor traffic incidents. Team Rehab provides chiropractic care, physical therapy, therapeutic massage and acupuncture to treat injuries, whether they show up immediately or take a while to appear.
  2. An urgent care center or emergency room won’t solve all your problems. Urgent care centers and emergency rooms don’t typically discuss follow-up therapy services or offer comprehensive diagnostics after an accident. On the other hand, physical therapy treatment for auto accident injuries provides hands-on, customized care to help patients throughout their entire healing journey. Visit the injury specialists at Team Rehab to receive a comprehensive evaluation and a personalized recovery plan.
  3. You can receive physical therapy treatment for little to no cost in Oregon. Personal injury protection (PIP) is a benefit provided to those who have suffered an auto accident. PIP is covered through auto insurance and can provide greater access to healing services that will aid you on the road to recovery. In Oregon, your auto insurance covers a minimum of $15,000 in treatment and rehabilitation costs. At Team Rehab, we help you get the most out of your benefits, keep track of your PIP balance, educate you on your rights as a patient and more.

Consider Team Rehab in the Portland area for treating your injuries after an auto accident. We are the only integrated rehabilitative center in the Portland area, providing chiropractic care, physical therapy, therapeutic massage and acupuncture in the same visit

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