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Post-Acute COVID-19 Exercise Rehabilitation (PACER)

Many patients who have gone through infection by COVID-19 have sustained significant impairments in muscle strength, cardiovascular issues, decreased lung capacity, pain, and weakness causing balance, endurance, and altered walking abilities. This can lead to a significant loss of function and independence. Their significant decline in function does not spontaneously recover after their discharge from the hospital or experiencing the illness. The significant change in health creates a need for skilled physical and occupational therapists, who have been specifically trained in the care of post COVID patients, to assist these individuals to regain their life.

PACER Benefits

  • Assist the patient in understanding their condition, body status and develop individual plans to restore function
  • Educate in activity modification and energy conservation

PACER Treatment

  • Individualized evaluation and function assessment
  • Establish a plan to address functional losses to include:
  • Manual Therapy to assist with mobility of the spine, chest, and extremities.


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Why choose us?

When you choose Highline Physical Therapy for your care needs, you are choosing a team dedicated to providing the support and healing needed to get you back to your best. Our therapists will develop a personalized treatment plan unique to your needs leveraged through leading, outcomes-driven techniques intended to improve movement and overall function goals.

About our team

Our physical therapists are specially trained in a range of specialties. We will also work collaboratively with your support network - from primary doctors to collegiate athletic trainers - to help you safely return to your day-to-day life while optimizing performance and preventing re-injury. We treat patients of all ages, and we pride ourselves on ease of access, convenience, quality of care, and a positive family-friendly environment.

At physical therapy appointments, we encourage patients to wear comfortable clothing that enables free movement and that allows the therapist access to the injured body part. Most patients wear athletic clothes to their appointments.

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